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3 Design Trends to keep an eye out for in 2017

26 04, 2017

3 Design Trends to keep an eye out for in 2017

New year, new trends; and here are 3 to start working on through this year.

Trying out the Hololens at Designlab HQ.
Trying out the Hololens at Designlab HQ.

Virtual Reality

“2017 will be the year where VR becomes normalised,” says Andrew Abedian, level designer at VR game developer, Survios.

“The fundamental idea of virtual reality will cease to exist as a purely sci-fi concept, and instead transform into an industry of real, desirable products used as platforms of the imagination.”

As the general consumer becomes more familiar with VR, brands can look to incorporate this technology in their marketing activities. From venue tours, interior design mock ups, and make up tutorials with key influencers; this opens a whole new world of opportunities to engage your customer.

Design Thinking: hipster hat and tattoo not required.
Design Thinking: hipster hat and tattoo not required.

Design Thinking

A concept that has been around far longer than the current buzzword, Design Thinking uses imagination and intuition to create a solution that offers a wide range of benefits to the end user. This method of problem solving has lead to the worldwide success of firms such as Apple and Nike.

How to increase creativity and imagination in the workplace was the topic of The Designlab’s Kevin Davis’ keynote at our last Tomorrowism event. Watch the keynote below or get in touch to arrange Kevin to present this talk to your team.

Designing for Voice

The biggest trend we’re playing with right now is designing for voice.

With the rise of Alexa, Siri and other voice connected services, brands will need to refine their actual brand voice. How do conversational user interfaces (CUIs) differs from graphic user
interfaces (GUIs)? How does a brand communicate when there are no visual cues? How can you stand out from your competitors over the airwaves? It’s an exciting challenge, and it’s only going to get more important.

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