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3 reasons why your office should reflect your brand.

Kevin Davis

08 06, 2017

3 reasons why your office should reflect your brand.

As a Creative agency, we take every new opportunity as a chance to create something different. Which is exactly what happened when we moved into our new (bigger!) office. We wanted to create a space that reflected who we are as business, and what we achieve for our clients.

Since then we’ve done a number of office redesigns for our friends and clients, and in doing so realised the great importance of making sure an office space reflects your brand. (Which almost definitely won’t involve convincing your CEO you need a slide in the reception area. If that’s what you’re after you should probably go work for Google.)

Your office communicates your brand values and mission.

Anyone that steps through your office door should be able to tell what kind of business you are, and what you’re trying to achieve. Colour schemes, furniture, break out spaces - these all indicate the goals of your company.

Do you work with eco-centered companies, and help communicate their green message? Plenty of sunlight and plant life will keep your goal at the forefront of your, and your client’s mind. Are your values responsibility and trustworthiness? Dark colour schemes with private meeting rooms will ensure your customers feel they’re in safe hands. Is your company on the more quirky side of life? Some arcade games and bright colours will encourage a fun working environment.

You office should live up to your brand statements.

Do you celebrate a deeply collaborative team on your website? Should a client see an ocean of cubicles when they visit, they’re unlikely to take you at your word. People will judge a book by it’s cover, so make sure your office doesn’t tell a different story.

It’s not just important for clients that your office design lines up with your brand identity. Your employees will be more productive if their workspace supports they kind of work they need to produce.

It drives your company culture.

Culture is a big factor. Job applicants want to know what working for you would be like, and they will google your office before submitting their application. Employees don’t expect to be wowed by a list of perks, they want to know that the ‘thinking pods’ are reflective of your brand’s commitment to investing in new ideas. You can’t cover up a stressful working environment by including a table football in the break out area, it just won’t get used if your employees fear being reprimanded for not working hard enough.

Office redesigns aren’t done often, so make sure these three points have been considered before embarking on your next refurbishment!

Check out our office design for Cognitive Logic.

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