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TeaBot: You’re Welcome.

Emma Hay

10 02, 2017

TeaBot: You’re Welcome.

We had a problem, we hacked a solution.

Who’s turn is it to make the next tea round is one of the greatest issues of our time. A risk to office harmony and productivity this unsolved problem has resulted in too many wasted hours, poorly made cuppas, and even resignations. Lists and spreadsheets have been insufficient. Hipster blackboards have lost their novel appeal. Into this disillusioned and desperate environment we would like to introduce: TeaBot.

TeaBot is the latest innovation in office equipment.

One part eyesore, two parts cool tech; it is The Designlab’s answer to the office-politically charged question “Whose round is it?”.*

Drinks can be ordered from the luxury of your own desk, via a website or Twitter account to TeaBot’s twitter account. Once 3 or more orders have been generated TeaBot then wakes up, randomly assigns the round to someone in the office, and prints out the order, with the name of the designated barista, out the lid the of the teapot.

Creative Director of the The Designlab Kevin Davis commented, “I’ve hired some of the best talent the UK has to offer, but they are bloody lazy when it comes to the tea round. We had to come up with a solution that would be fun enough so that they’d use it, but actually get the job done. TeaBot has changed our office dynamic and I will forever be indebted to it.”

*PubBot is also in early development.

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